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|Emergency lighting|Egress lighting|manufacturer emergency lighting|Industrial lighting The CS Series is designed for a decorative atmosphere where a reliable emergency light is required. Light pattern is uniformly distributed and free of hot spots and pattern fragmentations.

Perfect for any commercial or high-end interior that calls for looks as
well as capability, the Emergi-Lite Distinction Series™ self-powered potlite
features everything you could want in emergency decorative lighting.

The ECC and ECM Series offers a contemporary metal housing with decorative lighting front mounted heads. Your design options are broadened with 6 or 12 volt units available from 18 to 54 watts in either lead calcium or
nickel cadmium sealed maintenance-free batteries. Your flexibility extends into our entire line of matching Escort decorative lighting products,including a decorative thermoplastic exit sign and matching remote heads.

EF23D Surface Type

  • Description: Twin adjustable decorative lighting

  • head - all thermoplastic construction

  • Color: Off-white

  • Mounting: Direct to 4" octagonal or single-gang box

  • round mounting canopy standard

  • Lamps: Series: H or Z

  • (H = 6, 8 and 12 watt lamps only)

  • (Z = 5.4, 9 and 12 watt lamps only)

  • To Order: 6 volt-EF23D(ZP)-5.4 watts*

  • 6 volt-EF23D(ZD)-9 watts*

  • 12 volt-EF23D(ZF)-9 watts*

  • 12 volt-EF23D(ZG)-12 watts*

  • *Wattage doubles for “D” 2-lamp version

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