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Full Line Catalog  /  Remote Fixtures  /  Revelation™ Remote Fixture Series
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Revelation™ Remote Fixture Series

Ideal for walls with a cavity (dry wall with 4-inch studs) or un-insulated ceilings with horizontal beams or T-bar structures, the Revelation™ Series is designed for unobtrusive architectural use.

In normal conditions (stand-by) the Revelation™ Series unit is completely concealed in the wall or ceiling. In case of power failure the door of the unit rotates open 180° and exposes the emergency lights (two high-efficiency MR16 lamps) to illuminate the path of egress.

Once AC power returns or at the end of discharge period, the lights turn off and the door rotates closed automatically, driven by a patent-pending, energy storage circuit. The fixture does not require any back box for pre-installation. For remote AC generator applications. Please contact our technical information specialists.

  • Indoor use
  • Two lamp MR16 remote fixture with a choice of halogen or LED lamps
  • One-piece all-metal module design (does not require large galvanized steel back box as does the battery back-up unit)
  • Complete 360° door rotation, 180° to open, 180° to close
  • Slip gear mechanism protects the unit from objects that would cause the door rotation to be forcibly stopped.
  • Flat door and frame are covered with a high-quality, powder coated textured off-white finish
  • Surface finish can be customized on site with paint, wallpaper or other coverings.
  • Recessed ceiling or wall mount with cavity space; special bar hangers for installation in sheet rock or T-bar ceilings are included.
  • The module includes the electrical junction box and is installed on the wall stud or ceiling beam with the help of a simple, U-shape bracket.
  • Key-hole slot for ease of installation
  • CSA US Listed
  • 5-year limited warranty on electrical parts (motor, electronic circuitry). Each unit is fully computer-tested and aligned mechanically for optimum operation
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