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Full Line Catalog  /  Spec Grade Architectural  /  Prestige™ Edge-Lit Series
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Prestige™ Edge-Lit Series

The efficiency of an LED light source combined with an elegant die cast design adds high performance and style to your next exit sign application.

Universal Prestige™ Edge-Lit Series models include all the components for recessed or surface mounting.

A choice of models and options provides specification flexibility to accommodate a variety of application requirements.

  • Designed to achieve superior visual clarity and performance with a red and green LED light source
  • Clear acrylic panel provides optimum light transmission. Illumination is 100% in both AC and emergency mode
  • Computer engraving is used to crisply define each letter and chevron. LED sensitive inks are formulated to provide a rich color in red or green. Choice of legend background includes clear (for single face), white or mirror (for single or double face signs)
  • Clean trim plate design eliminates visible fasteners. Choice of trim plates: circular or angular. Standard finish is brushed aluminum for the housing, trim plate, trim ring and canopy
  • Self-Powered models contain a sealed maintenance-free Nickel-Cadmium battery that provides 90 minutes of emergency illumination.
  • Two-wire universal 120 through 277VAC, 50/60Hz for AC-only and Self-Powered models. AC-only signs consume maximum 1.4W. Self- Powered signs use 2.3W max while recharging batteries. Solid state transfer automatically and instantly supplies the LED lamps from the back-up battery upon failure of AC supply. Close tolerance electronic circuit activates emergency unit when utility power dips below nominal voltage for brownout protection. Current-limited and short-circuit-proof charger. Full battery recharge is made in compliance with UL924 specifications. Test switch incorporates a green LED AC pilot light/split Self-test and silent diagnostic is optional on all Self-Powered models. It is programmed to ensure product readiness and reliability by continuously monitoring every critical function of the unit. The unit is self-tested for one minute every 30 days, 30 minutes every 60 days and 90 minutes annually. When a fault is detected the pilot light will change color from green to red and blink following a particular code, identifying the cause: battery, charger circuitry, or LED lamps/split Modular design allows for several mounting configurations. A trim ring and two 27-inch bar hangers are used for recessed mounting on walls or ceilings. A canopy allows for surface mounting on ceilings or walls as backor end-mount. Face panels snap securely into trim plate on all mounting configurations
  • UL924 Listed
  • 5-year limited warranty
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