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Full Line Catalog  /  Spec Grade Commercial  /  24LS and 24LC Series
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24LS and 24LC Series

Available in a wide selection of battery capacities for use where many remote fixtures are required, the 24 LS and 24 LC Series is ideal in areas where an attractive conventional emergency lighting unit is required.

  • Each unit comes with two (2) EF-18 heads with 9 watt high intensity incandescent lamps (standard)
  • All-steel construction with an off-white baked enamel finish
  • Available with sealed, maintenance-free Nickel-Cadmium, Lead-Calcium (Immobilized Electrolyte), or Lead-Calcium batteries
  • PulsePlus Charger circuitry offers 120/277VAC, input 60 Hz., 0.3/0.15A (other inputs available), fused output circuit(s), dual diagnostic indicator lights, temperature compensation, sealed relay, low voltage battery disconnect, brownout protection and lock out (automatic battery connect)
  • Removable front panel
  • UL924 Listed
  • 3-year limited warranty
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